Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas In Israel: Domus Galilei, Dinner With Robyn & Loretta

At Eva's suggestion, we visited Domus Galilei, a monastery near the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).  The top photo was taken in the monastery library, with a priest leading a tour group in the background.  The books are a reflection, as is the image of Eva, in red.

We had dinner with former AIS-Israel colleagues and their spouses, Robyn & Gilad Gross and Loretta & Victor Cohen.  Robyn and I together taught grade 5, Loretta taught art and Spanish. It was, of course, terrific seeing them all again, catching up on family, travel, and other news.  I would much enjoy having them as neighbors and colleagues once again, although we're now resigned to visiting virtually on facebook.

Seeing Robyn and Loretta was a reminder, a small shock, that time is passing, we are aging, all of us, and despite obvious changes on the exterior, we tend to remain the same.  We are who we were, even as primary-aged children.  How could we be anything else?

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